June 10, 2024

New Blog Series: Online Sex Abuse

Technology has changed our world in amazing ways, making our lives easier and more connected. From talking to friends across the globe to learning new things online, the benefits are incredible. However, with these great advantages come a extensive amount of risks, especially for children. While technology can help kids learn and grow, it also exposes them to the risk of online sex abuse and exploitation. These are crimes that happen in a non-physical space but also in our homes. As parents, we need to serve as the first line of defense. Schools and law enforcement can provide some resources, but cannot work alone. In this blog series, we’ll go over several ways to protect your children from the hazards that come with the technology we use everyday. To start, we wanted to provide some statistics regarding online sex abuse.


Sources: Internet Watch Foundation, Beau Biden Foundation, Child Crime Prevention and Safety Center, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, We Protect Global Alliance


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Josh Gillispie