August 5, 2020

Green & Gillispie Files Suit Against Apartment Complex Where Delivery Driver Lost Eye in Attack

On December 14, 2019, the Plaintiff in this lawsuit, Wesley York, was assaulted while attempting to deliver a pizza to the The Summit at Velvet Ridge apartments in North Little Rock.  York lost his left eye in the attack, after being struck with the butt of a pistol.

The suit filed in Pulaski County Circuit Court in Little Rock, Arkansas, alleges that the apartment owner, GALR, LLC, willfully ignored a significant problem with violent criminal activity.  According to the lawsuit, the North Little Rock Police Department was called to Velvet Ridge approximately 4,700 times in the five years preceding Plaintiff’s attack.

Despite the fact that there were on average nearly three police incidents occurring per day at the apartments, the owner did next to nothing to protect or warn visitors, according to the lawsuit.

“It is unbelievable this place is allowed to stay in business without so much as a single security guard or surveillance camera.  I fear for the safety of not only visitors like my client, but also the folks who pay rent to live here.  Nobody should have to live in these conditions.  It is like a warzone.  One of the most appalling things I’ve ever seen,” states Joshua Gillispie, one of Mr. York’s attorneys.

The lawsuit can be viewed here.

York is represented by GREEN & GILLISPIE and DENTON & ZACHARY, PLLC.  For further information, contact Joe Denton or Justin Zachary at (501) 358-4999, or Josh Gillispie at (501) 244-0700.

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Josh Gillispie